About Frietboetiek by Hilde

After many years in the event industry the pandemic forced me to find another job. I was told I was good at frying French fries. At the same time, the fries shop at our current address was for sale. So, the perfect opportunity to start presented itself. I wanted to offer the charm of regular fries with a little bit extra. That’s why I started the ‘Frietboetiek’. This should be seen as a kind of expansion on the classic Belgian fries experience. For fries, snacks and burgers alike, at our boutique you’ll find special, modern varieties that you must have tasted at least once. We often have new ideas and recipes for our specials and burgers and keep tinkering with them until they are perfect. After this, they appear on our menu. They are always artisanally prepared so the taste is perfect.
Frietboetiek by Hilde logo op vitrineraam