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In our ‘Frietboetiek’ you can get the classic frying experience with a little bit extra. Snacks, fries, specials, modern burgers, vegetarian options… can all be found in our menu!

Artisanale burgers met frietjes bereid met liefde
Voorbereiding frietboetiek broodje met zelfgemaakte sauzen

What is a 'Frietboetiek'?

A ‘Frietboetiek’ shop like ours is a specialty store where the emphasis is on selling French fries and various snacks. We focus more on quality with various special dips and sauces. In addition, we also offer specialty dishes such as in-house designed burgers, special fries, and so on.

The concept focuses on a more refined frying experience with an emphasis on taste, ambiance and quality. Like other French fry shops, we also offer a lot of vegetarian options.

Artisan dishes from our fries shop in Geel

For pickup or delivery,you can find a variety of hot, fresh dishes here. This includes Belgian classics such as stew and videe, as well as other classics such as goulash, spaghetti bolognese and spaghetti carbonara.

In addition to the classic snacks that you find in fry shops all over Belgium, we also have several more modern snacks such as trendy burgers, specials and more. We always prepare our stew ourselves.

Our other prepared snacks are artisanally prepared by a third party according to our secret recipes. Also, in our range of sauces you will find unique, delicious varieties, including our sexy and hot sexy sauces, to boost your frying experience. Our cold dishes are prepared with love and fresh ingredients. So you can be sure that these too are very tasty and also healthy.

Frietboetiek burger met spek en ui

Frietboetiek by Hilde specials

Our specials are the favorites of many of our customers. We prepare these in an artisanal way so that the flavor is fully expressed. By constantly tinkering with it, we put together the best combinations. Many of our specials are also available in a box, which you can enjoy with 2 people. Will you come and discover them?

Frietboetiek bord van Fritta Italia
Burger, spek en ajuin grillen in frietboetiek

'Frietboetiek' by Hilde burgers

Our modern, artisan burgers are very popular in the region. We prepare them with love and of course, you can taste that. We have created several artisan recipes that we are proud of after much trial, error and adaptation. Which one do you prefer?


By the way, in our ‘Frietboetiek’, you can also order sandwiches. You’ll find the classics such as healthy sandwich, martino sandwich, mitraillette, and so on. In addition, we also offer our own special sandwiches, which are composed with the utmost care.

Last but certainly not least, our classic burgers. At Frietboetiek by Hilde, you will find the classic Bicky burgers, including the Bicky veggie for the veggies among us. You can also find Beyond Meat’s Plant-based burger in our assortment.

Artisanaal broodje Italiaans van Frietboetiek by Hilde

Takeaway and delivery to your home, in Geel

You can come pick up our French fries, sandwiches and specials on the Pas in Geel, number 133. Would you like to make an order for delivery? Visit our Unipage! Delivery is possible starting from an order total of €25. We’ll deliver as soon as possible! Please note that if it is busy, delivery may take a little longer.