Frietboetiek by Hilde, your French fries shop in Geel

Welcome to ‘Frietboetiek By Hilde’, the place where you can find the best French fries in Geel. Our fries shop with a little bit extra was founded by Hilde, a true fry lover. Here, quality and taste always comes first. Order your fries via Unipage!

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A French fries shop in Geel with a pleasant touch of modernity

Our French fries, snacks and specials are prepared with great care. We only use the best frying fat for our fries so you can enjoy the best flavors and highest quality.

From traditional French fries to classic snacks and more such as croquettes, frikandells, cheese soufflés can be found with us. Fancy something new? Then be sure to check out our specials, unique combinations of what our fries shop has to offer. Consider, for example, our delicious Julietta fries: fries with satay seasoning, pieces of viandel, stew sauce, bicky onions and mayonnaise.

Our stew we make entirely in-house. Furthermore, a series of snacks are artisanally prepared and delivered to us based on our secret recipes. Here, you’ll also find unique sauces, such as our sexy and hot sexy sauces, which make your fries even more delicious.

In addition to this, we also offer several vegetarian options for those who prefer the vegetarian lifestyle. So, everyone can come to us for delicious, traditionally prepared Belgian fries with snacks to say wow to.

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Take away fries or delivered?

Our staff is always ready to help you and take your order. Having a nice chat while waiting, we’re into that too.

You can come and pick up your order at our shop at Pas 133 in Geel or order online for delivery to your home, work… Perfect for when you’re low on food in the house, don’t feel like cooking, or just feel like eating nice fries with one of our specials, burgers, a curry sausage, and so on. Because that’s what life’s about.

Home delivery is possible for everyone in Geel, starting at €25. Note! If you live far from our address, your delivery may not be hot when we arrive at your place. Ordering is at your own risk.

Frietboetiek te Geel artisanale burger met frietjes
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Delivery for parties

You can also place a large order with us for parties. We do ask that you let us know in advance. This allows us to anticipate the delivery. Of course, if a delivery is not possible due to us being very busy, we will also let you know.

Stop by our fries shop in Geel or place your order online and taste the flavor of real Belgian fries, prepared with love and passion. Hope to see you soon!

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